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BST Dongle indirme kurma

BST Dongle 
Official Website: www.gsmbest.com

Official Mirrors: https://mega.nz/#!JJ8CiY4K!foP-yZBF5...SVUsbyze9eFMzo

Official Mirrors: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bf...7.00_Setup.rar

Official Mirrors: https://www.4shared.com/rar/cfoInD08...700_Setup.html
Official Mirrors: BST_V3.27.00_Setup.rar

Download and Install latest installer.

> Open BST install path (X:\BST\Drivers\), Install BST Dongle / PL2303 / Phone drivers, if needed.

Connect your BST Dongle and then run BST sw.

> Click "Update Firmware" when sw request firmware update.

> Click "Update" waiting few seconds until firmware update done

> Click "Exit" will auto run BST sw.

> How to install the BST software on Windows 8: Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 8/8.1 to run BST

> Old BST user can auto online update to latest version.
> Add BST install directory to the anti-virus software trusty directory please if you pc installed anti-virus software.
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